Our equipment works where standard cranes will not


At HFL we have a saying: if there is a lifting problem we will design the solution – and build the system.

Space, for example, was extremely tight inside a prestigious London building. So we designed and built a bespoke crane with a mini-swing jib that enabled the architects’ contractors to erect a perfect curve stone staircase.

We have also devised electrically-operated retractable beam cranes for industrial applications where standard cranes would not meet the prevalent operating conditions, or where bespoke manufacture proved to be the most cost effective option in terms of both commissioning and operation.

If you have a crane problem, bring it to HFL. We always find a challenge uplifting and will inevitably find the optimum solution.

Bespoke solutions

  • Bespoke cranes tailor-made for individual work applications
  • Hill-climbing, mobile jib and retractable beam cranes
  • Curved runways
  • Turntables and work benches
  • Latches and switches
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Free Quotation

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